Aug 172006

I’ve just received my third appreciation award this month, after two years of nothing. The first one got me a free movie rental, the second $5 off at the cafeteria, and today’s is a solid chrome cube with beveled corners that looks like a big shiny six-sided die. I’m not sure whether to roll for damage with it or carry it back to my nest. Maybe both.

I’ve never gone out of my way at work just to get awards; they just never seemed important and I don’t pay much attention (story of my life) to how my work impacts anyone else. I just do my job and move along to the next item that needs attention. I have to admit though, it does give me a small glow of satisfaction to know that other people appreciate what I do. And of course my coworkers are jokingly all, “Three in one month? You’re gonna make the rest of us look bad! We’ll have to catch up!”

Last night’s workout was pretty rough, and going down stairs afterward was a wobbly affair. Still sore today, but not too bad; it usually hits me more on the second day anyway. My schedule got a bit screwed up by going to Aaron’s graduation, which he didn’t care about and only went to because a classmate friend was supposed to be there, and wasn’t. I didn’t get to the gym until 9pm, but thought it would be much emptier.


The stepmills, treadmills, and weight machines were pretty deserted, but the free weight area was packed, more than I’ve seen during peak hours. Everyone else must have had the same idea. Lots of eye candy to distract me, however, since the free weights are where the “big boys” hang out. And I finally got someone to comment on my t-shirt mrimp gave me that says, “My Other Shirt Has Sleeves”. Some hot, built, Middle Eastern-looking guy in a white wife-beater asked me where I got the shirt, and seemed very amused by it. Plus it gave me an excuse to look directly at him instead of sneaking lecherous glances between sets.

Did I mention that I’m eating every 2.5 to 3 hours? I feel like I’m stuffing down food constantly yet, because the meals are small and low on carbs, I’m ready to eat again by the next feeding. It’s only been three days, so it’s too soon to really notice any results, but my pants seemed a bit looser than usual this morning.

Don’t forget that tomorrow night (Friday) is roadster_guy‘s combination birthday/graduation/make-a-dent-in-our-liquor-supply party at our place. No presents or cards required, unless you feel the urge to contribute alcohol. Details on his LJ, if you’re on his friends list. Music provided by iTunes, amusing puppy-like antics by brokenbryan. .

As I said to die7fox, I too thought the Ramsay’s might have been involved in their daughter’s death, but at second glance it would have been a really lame, stupid way to do it: kill your daughter, leave her body in the basement, then”discover” it later? Nuh uh, doesn’t wash.

It’s a shame Patsy died a mere two months before the arrest. I also wonder how fucked up the son after all this. All the fuss made over his sister when she was a pageant drone, then she gets murdered, THEN there’s a media circus ruining their lives, now his mother is dead. Poor kid.

Other than that I’ve only been skimming articles about current events. I’ve been losing interest for the same reason I quit collecting comics: it’s the same cycle of stories over and over again. Violence in the Middle East; our government is corrupt, out of touch, and rarely held accountable; we’re destroying the environment; people are killing each other in shockingly brutal ways. Nope, nothing new to see here. Move along.

Is it the societies we’ve all inherited that keeps this going, and if we could make a clean break from them and start over we’d do better? Or is it our very nature that built the societies as they are, and even if we did try to break from it we’d end up right back where we started?

It’s all too much for me to figure out, so I think I’ll just stare at my shiny new chrome cube some more.

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