Aug 212006

Friday night we had our combined [info]roadster_guy's birthday/graduation/summer drunkfest, and attracted about a dozen guests eager to help demolish the liquor supply, with great success. [info]a2andy, [info]alcadd, [info]brendand, [info]brokenbryan, [info]jamie95, [info]merksamer, [info]mrimp, [info]obmoloceoj, [info]odysseyseven, [info]thafuzz, and Andy's non-LJ friend Ben started arriving around 9:30pm and I finally stumbled to bed around 2:30am, having been up since 5:30am the previous morning. The party continued for about another half hour, so I'm told.

Saturday we woke up at the crack of noon and did nothing in particular for most of the day. I didn't even leave the house until 4:30pm to go to the gym. [info]mrimp and [info]odysseyseven showed up at about 6:30 to go see "Snakes on a Plane" at the AMC in Sterling Heights. I have to say it was a really good bad movie. It was funny, cheesy, sometimes gory, and totally unbelievable, which was the whole point. Afterward we stopped at Fourbuck's to pester [info]brokenbryan and use up our free drink coupons.

Sunday was another sleep-in day, but only til 10:30 this time. We drove into Ferndale about 1pm for crepes on the patio at Josephine (yummy!), and endured the noise of the "band", {SomeNamelessDude} & the Sax Maniacs, playing at the corner of 9 Mile and Woodward, which was still closed off because of Dream Cruise. EDIT: Forgot to mention we ran into [info]thirdreel and his parents at Josephine. :o)

The rest of the afternoon Aaron finished packing for London then we were off to the airport. Had a quick shower when I got back and settled in for the inaugural installment of the monthly Rough Trade group action (in City of Heroes, that is). We had about 11 or 12 people at most, with a few rotating in and out over the course of 4 hours. Unfortunately it took almost an hour to get everyone sorted into two teams with appropriate levels, but once we got rolling it was a great time. Knocked out a bunch of missions and gained half a level. 5 bars to lvl 48 for Wire.

Last night I had a nightmare that Aaron had died enroute to, or in, England, and I was getting a bunch of condolence emails. I kept willing it to not be true, eventually realized I was dreaming, and finally woke up. *whew*

He's apparently having a good time over there so far. The new boss is very cool, as are the other employees there, and he's learned a lot about the job already. He expects he'll be over to England a lot. I'd better get to go at least a couple of times. When I talked to him about an hour ago he was about to go check out a pub for dinner.

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