Oct 052006

This weekend our buddy Jimmy drove up from Ohio and hung out Friday night and Saturday. We finally made our inaugural trip to IKEA on Saturday, long after everyone else. It was worth the trip, and we managed to spend ONLY $100, not including the meatball lunch. So jummi…

Sunday we hit the Renaissance Festival for the last day of the season, and it was unfortunately a bit of a letdown. While the weather was great and the crowds were heavy, our friends we normally attend these things with were pretty worn out from the previous day's drunken RenFest activities. Two of them even left early, without warning. Disappointed and bored, we left around 3:30. It was a good thing we got there when we did (~11am), because when we left the parking field was nearly full, and the line of cars waiting to get in stretched about two miles down Dixie Highway. My red leather breastplate, black kilt, and sandals got a lot of attention, almost more than I could deal with comfortably. Granted, it was less Medieval and more Roman(ish), but hey, the Romans used to rule Medievia! I just claimed I never got the memo that we were moving back to Rome.

Monday night [info]mrimp and [info]odysseyseven were over for baked chicken, wild rice, and apple crisp, then watched Heroes while the food coma worked itself out. I'm starting to dig that show; it's interesting, intense, and not afraid to get a bit gruesome. It's also so far avoided the corny cliches that seem to attack any show about superpowers. It's only been two episodes, granted, but it's off to a good start. I do agree with [info]lucifyr's partner that all the male characters are whiners. Not an Apollo or Helo in the bunch so far.

In my virtual lives I've joined an established corporation in EVE: Phoenix Propulsion Labs. They seem like a decent bunch so far, and I spent a couple hours last night in a mining operation near one of their stations. Not terribly exciting but hey, it's mining. Hopefully I'll soon get the Mining Barges skill so I can dig out the asteroids faster. It was kind of funny last night to see me mining in a cruiser next to three barges. Kind of the equivalent of using a shovel to assist three backhoes. I'm trying to get my skills trained up so I can get out of the Logistics division in time for the big new expansion, which will include true exploration. I like the idea of snooping through the uncharted outer regions, finding new things to exploit, er, explore.

City of Heroes is going ok, but my interest has waned a bit. Again. Right now our bases are missing due to some database error, which has yet to be sorted out. They better have it restored before the Halloween event, and Issue 8 is released. Lots of good stuff coming up.

Friday is the BSG premiere party at our place, so if any devoted fans want to come watch it on our personal IMAX, let me know. We can all go "Oh shit!" together with each new mindblowing plot twist.

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