Oct 112006

Courtesy of FARK.com I’m reading an entry from Wil Wheaton’s blog, in which he reviews one of the TNG episodes; specifically “The Last Outpost”, where they first meet the Ferengi. (also known as “Oh my god, Becky. The Ferengi are the lamest. Aliens. Ever.)

An excerpt:

“The Enterprise begins to close on the Ferengi ship, which makes Picard– who is already a little cranky — a little more cranky. Geordi says that he isn’t even touching the gas pedal, and that his foot is securely on the brakes. Since there is no Farmer’s Market in sight and Geordi is in his 30s, it’s reasonable to believe him.”

Good stuff. He’s really a funny writer, especially to hear him rip on the TNG stuff that sucked.

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