Nov 182006

Meh, screw it. No one’s gonna bother jumping between LJ and Vox to read my entries.

Last weekend I drove up to Port Austin, MI to play the classic Dungeons & Dragons adventure Ravenloft with a group of friends from Bay City and Caro. We stayed in a VERY cool beach house owned by the mother of one of the players; the main part of the house is round, with the main kitchen/dining room facing the bluff that sits about 20′ above Lake Huron, and extending all the way up through the second floor to the skylights. I really wish I’d had a camera with me to take some pics of the place, it rocks. We played at the curving kitchen island that extended at least 12′ end-to-end, making it FAR too easy to eat and drink more junk food than you could shake a 5 lb. bag of M&Ms at (yeah, we had that too). The weather cooperated perfectly all weekend: heavy clouds, howling wind, and lashing rain that blew straight off the lake at the house. It didn’t start to break up until I left Sunday morning.

The adventure was fun: we got started Friday evening with the preliminaries, then dug into the full adventure Saturday around noon, playing until around midnight. I, the gay atheist, played a paladin: a holy warrior of God. Ahh, smell the irony… I have to admit, by about 9:30pm Saturday I was having a nap attack, and was pretty much just phoning it in. I perked back up around 11 and we moved up from the basement family room back to the kitchen for the final push through the castle and battle with Strahd. We were all pretty much burned out by then, and we kind of rushed through the last of it, but that was fine. None of us are the hardcore gamers we were in our teens and twenties.

This week I decided to take a step in cutting back on my gaming, and left my EVE corporation Phoenix Propulsion Labs. They’re a great bunch of folks, and really welcomed me, but my heart just wasn’t in it, and I have too many games and activities pulling me in too many different directions. My career skills have stagnated, I don’t do anything creative anymore and, as exemplified by my non-participation in the National Novel Writing Month contest, I really have nothing to say. So, I stripped my ships, sorted all my gear back into the corporate hangar, sent my reserve cash to the CEO, said my farewells, cancelled the account, and uninstalled the game completely. As for my other games: I really only play DDO once a week with the Bay City/Caro crew, since the game is so weighted against solo play beyond 2nd level, and I’ve cut back on my City of Heroes time. I still enjoy playing, because it’s easy to jump in, play a bit, and jump back out without having to spend hours to accomplish anything, but it really ends up being the same thing over and over.
I’ve decided to apply to the Apple store at Somerset, part time, after the holidays. I really wanna get Mac knowledge and experience, and I can use the extra money to finance my 24″ iMac. Last night I even bought a Mac book
to start learning. I haven’t been this eager to learn new technology since I first started with firewalls. Hell, maybe it will start a new career path because, in true ADD fashion, I’m bored with the current one. Six years in the same IT field is an eternity for me.

Last night we saw Casino Royale with mrimp and odysseyseven. Damn, that was great! One of the best Bond movies yet, and Daniel Craig makes the best Bond since Connery. Today brokenbryan is visiting for the rest of the weekend. It’ll be good to see him again.

And that’s the week in review. Here’s Tom with the weather

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