Jan 092007

The touchscreen is multitouch so you can, for example, zoom in and out of a picture by pinching or stretching two fingers on the screen.
It has a tabbed Safari browser.
A Google Maps widget is built into the phone, which works just as it does on the PC.
The voicemail message box lists messages by caller name.
Everything is done via the EDGE network or Wi-Fi, with the phone switching “seamlessly” when it detects Wi-Fi in range.

I just had a nerdgasm.


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Jan 092007


*JAW —> LAP*

It’s a smartphone.
It’s a widescreen video iPod.
It has no keyboard or stylus; it’s all touchscreen.
Cingular is going to carry them.

I just bought a Blackberry.

From Cingular.

*starts banging head on desk*