Jan 162007

The Top 10 Best and Worst Companies for Call Center Service

Number 2 Worst Company? COMCAST

“Need we say more? While checking for the most hated corporate entities, it was found that Comcast had the dubious distinction of turning up most number of times. Rather, there was a stiff competition between Comcast, AOL and Vonage.

This is one company that never seems to learn. Not only is it way behind when it comes to providing good services, its customer service is appalling. The reasons are not far to seek. So let’s begin with the napping Comcast technician. The poor guy slept off after waiting on hold for an excruciating and obviously mind numbing 90 minutes to his own office. And what does Comcast do? In a knee jerk reaction, it fired the poor guy.

And then there was the case of the customer who called the company several times to ask questions about her bill and her service, with which she was not happy. Instead of helping her, the customer service worker changed her name to, guess what… Bitch Dog.”

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