Feb 232007

I thought I would be able to avoid Windows Vista for a good long time but, being a gamer, it may happen sooner than later.

For example, I was just reading on Gamespot a Q&A with Mitch Gitelman, studio manager for FASA Studios, about Shadowrun, their upcoming FPS:

"MG: We have not announced any system-requirement specifications at this time. Shadowrun does require Windows Vista, so you must have a machine at least capable of running Vista to play the game." (emphasis added)
"MG: In regards to DirectX, we don't have any plans for DirectX 10 right now. I'm very happy with how Shadowrun is looking."

Lovely. At least I don't have to think about buying a DirectX 10 video card yet, since I just bought a GeForce 7800 GTX last year.

Although I've been a big fan of the pen & paper Shadowrun over the years, I'm ambivalent about this FPS. If done properly, Shadowrun would make a stellar MMOG, yet I've never heard a word about anyone taking on that challenge.

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Feb 212007

Audio: If you could sing like anyone, living or dead, who would you choose to sound like?  Share a song of theirs.
Submitted by aa.

Maynard James Keenan, of Tool. He croons, he howls, he screams, and always sounds good doing it.

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Feb 202007

Finding out about the death of a friend by reading Fark is probably one of the most mentally derailing ways to make such a discovery. Luckily it WAS posted there since Jeff was a long-time member of the site (as user ‘itsjeff’), otherwise we probably wouldn’t have discovered it in time to attend the memorial today. We hadn’t talked to him in a couple months.

Reprinted from the death notice:
“Age 42. Beloved son of Nancy Heider of Bloomfield Hills and Richard Colby of Kalamazoo. Died suddenly on February 16, 2007 in his beautiful home in Detroit, where he loved to entertain friends and family. Mr.Colby was a Clerk of the Federal Court for 20 years and left that position February 8th to begin a new endeavor. There will be fewer parties, and less laughter, without his sharp, quick wit. He will be deeply missed by aunts and uncles Mary and David Chapin, Stephen and Susan Greenhalgh, Robert and Polly Greenhalgh, and Karen and Jerry Weiner, nine cousins, one step-brother, one step-sister and many, many friends and co-workers. Mr. Colby attended Pontiac Central High School where he announced Pontiac Chiefs basketball games, and graduated from Orchard Lake St. Mary’s Prep School in 1982. He also attended Wayne State University. Great booster and ambassador for the City of Detroit through “Detroit Yes!”. To read the many heart warming tributes, please go to DetroitYes.com. A Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday,February 20, 2007 at 3 p.m. from the Pontiac Chapel of Sparks-Griffin Funeral Home, (248-338-9288). Please visit www.sparksgriffin.com to share a reflection with the family.”

I’m still in total shock. Jeff was diabetic, and had a few other health problems, but nothing I knew of that would indicate such a sudden death. Aaron’s been friends with him for years, and we had hung out with him on several occasions, even attending his 40th birthday party two years ago. Aaron and I will be at the funeral home today around 2:30pm. To my knowledge Jeff wasn’t an LJer, but some of you in the area may have known him anyway.

Goodbye Jeff, you will be missed.

Feb 192007

It was a pretty low-key weekend, with a birthday party up in Bay City on Friday night. It was good to see that most of the crew could make it, and many strange alcoholic combinations were tested and approved for general consumption. We discovered that sparkling raspberry wine and sparkling peach juice both make great additives for a pint of Guinness, much to our surprise. Despite all the experimentation, we sobered up in time to drive back that night, not wanting to drop money on a motel.

Cut for the Exalted-impaired/uninterested

Feb 162007

Since my man was in Toronto over Valentine’s Day mine was spent flying solo, which was ok since we’re not really that big on it. After the gym, a shower, and some gaming, mrimp and odysseyseven arrived and whisked me off to CPK at Somerset for some gourmet pizza. After we’d stuffed ourselves, we ventured to Eastern Market in downtown Detroit to take in The Dirty Show: an “erotic art” exhibition, now in it’s eighth year.

You’d think that by the eighth year it might be a good show. You’d be wrong.

1) 99.999% of the art and photographs were of women. Great if you’re a lesbian or a straight guy, yawn-inducing if you’re not. I know this point is very subjective, but still, a little more equal time would have been nice.

2) The quality of the aforementioned artwork and photographs was, shall we say… Fuck it. Let’s be blunt: I think most of it sucked. Junior year students at CCS can, and do, create more interesting art than the majority of the artists on display there. Massive mediocrity was the rule.

3) Lack of eroticism. There was plenty of nudity, but almost nothing that grabbed my attention, or that I considered erotic. There was one painting of two young guys standing naked at a urinal trough with their backs to the viewer, with one of them openly looking over and down at the other’s junk, that was very cute and erotic in an innocent way but, honestly, that’s the only piece that stood out (pardon the expression) among the entire lot.

Seriously people, how many possible angles and states can a cooter be displayed in before it loses all impact?

4) The “performance art”, at least the night we were there, consisted of a slightly hunky fratbear giving an extemporaneous rant about the shittiness of Valentine’s Day, at speaker volumes so high that my brain refused to process it, and the only phrase I remember hearing was, “Sorry about cumming in your eye!”

Apology accepted.

The previous “entertainment” was a transvestite in a thong, fishnets, a wig, and electrical tape on his/her nipples, playing guitar and singing. Again, the words didn’t process, but I vaguely remember that it didn’t seem to suck too badly.

An attractive young woman then did a striptease using a pair of Japanese umbrellas, which was pretty good if you like that kind of thing.

5) The “special guest artist exhibit” was by H.R. Giger. This consisted of three paintings and four sketches, which Herr Giger probably dug out of a dusty bin in his basement marked “Cyborg Vaginas” and dropped in the nearest UPS box.

Maybe it’s just me. My idea of erotic has gotten a lot more complex over the years, and most of what I saw at the show really just lacked sophistication, or an appreciation of the fine line between eroticism and porn.

I just noticed that the show’s been held over for one more night. Maybe they’re trying to recover losses?

Feb 082007

Oakland County, that is.

Aaron is in Chicago and was having a miserable time until dinner with dpnash apparently made up for it. So far I’ve done little but work, game, and go to the gym, although today will see some housecleaning and running errands.

Last weekend I trekked out to Reese, MI for a LAN party with some buddies that set up a few times a year in one guy’s small computer/cellular store. Played a bunch of Star Wars Battlefront 2, Enemy Territory, and Call of Duty 2. Other than a few whiteout moments both there and back, the 1.5 hour drive wasn’t bad, weatherwise. Stayed til about 9:30pm, packed up my toys and drove back to catch the rest of brokenbryan‘s visit.

I’ve been two days without Concerta, because I didn’t call in my refill to the doc’s office before it ran out. I am having some serious rebound here. I can hardly wake up, despite copious amounts of coffee and diet pop. I actually napped last night for about an hour and a half before going to the gym, and I almost never nap during the day. If I haven’t heard from the office by lunchtime I’m calling back. Failing that, I’ll go camp out in the waiting room and beg for my fix.

We’ll just conveniently ignore the fact that I waited til I had two left before calling in… :oP

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