Feb 082007

Oakland County, that is.

Aaron is in Chicago and was having a miserable time until dinner with dpnash apparently made up for it. So far I’ve done little but work, game, and go to the gym, although today will see some housecleaning and running errands.

Last weekend I trekked out to Reese, MI for a LAN party with some buddies that set up a few times a year in one guy’s small computer/cellular store. Played a bunch of Star Wars Battlefront 2, Enemy Territory, and Call of Duty 2. Other than a few whiteout moments both there and back, the 1.5 hour drive wasn’t bad, weatherwise. Stayed til about 9:30pm, packed up my toys and drove back to catch the rest of brokenbryan‘s visit.

I’ve been two days without Concerta, because I didn’t call in my refill to the doc’s office before it ran out. I am having some serious rebound here. I can hardly wake up, despite copious amounts of coffee and diet pop. I actually napped last night for about an hour and a half before going to the gym, and I almost never nap during the day. If I haven’t heard from the office by lunchtime I’m calling back. Failing that, I’ll go camp out in the waiting room and beg for my fix.

We’ll just conveniently ignore the fact that I waited til I had two left before calling in… :oP

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