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Feb 232007

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Feb 232007

I thought I would be able to avoid Windows Vista for a good long time but, being a gamer, it may happen sooner than later.

For example, I was just reading on Gamespot a Q&A with Mitch Gitelman, studio manager for FASA Studios, about Shadowrun, their upcoming FPS:

"MG: We have not announced any system-requirement specifications at this time. Shadowrun does require Windows Vista, so you must have a machine at least capable of running Vista to play the game." (emphasis added)
"MG: In regards to DirectX, we don't have any plans for DirectX 10 right now. I'm very happy with how Shadowrun is looking."

Lovely. At least I don't have to think about buying a DirectX 10 video card yet, since I just bought a GeForce 7800 GTX last year.

Although I've been a big fan of the pen & paper Shadowrun over the years, I'm ambivalent about this FPS. If done properly, Shadowrun would make a stellar MMOG, yet I've never heard a word about anyone taking on that challenge.

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