Apr 052007

 is off at the NY auto show this week, then staying with

 for the weekend. I’m usually ok with him being out of town for a couple days, but more than that and the silence and emptiness of the house starts to get to me, and I start getting depressed and morbid. So, I’ve been keeping busy in order to stave that off.

Been playing a lot of CoH, both with

 on the main servers (Screamcore hit 23, and is now only one level behind Submissivus!) and on the testing server, trying out the features of the upcoming Issue 9 content patch. Tuesday, I took the bike out for a nine mile ride, not quite making it back to the house before getting soaked by the rainstorm that blew up.

Yesterday I went and got a haircut, then stopped at Kohl’s to find Aaron a replacement jacket for the one he left in a cab in NY. He was out of luck, since they were all out of the style he’d bought recently. This is why he can’t have nice things. I, however, snagged new track pants to replace the ones I’d blown the crotch out of at the gym. I tried on a medium and a large but, oddly, the medium was bigger than the large. I ended up taking the large pair because they didn’t seem as baggy as the medium. I wore them around the house for a bit to get a feel for them, because they fit a bit strangely and seemed to strain at the crotch. I wish I could claim credit for that condition, but I digress. I finally looked more closely at the tags and discovered the reason: I’d accidentally bought womens’ track pants. Why this one pair was hanging on the mens’ rack, when the womens’ section was clear on the other side of the store, I have no idea. Luckily, I had left the tags on them and kept the receipt, so back they go after work. It’s a shame; they made my ass look good.

It was strange going back to the gym last night (in my other track pants) after nearly a three week hiatus. First of all, it was hard to even motivate myself to go after so long away. Second, it was hard to get back in the groove of it. The exercises felt strange, like I was doing them for the first time ever. I waited until 8:30 to go, thinking it would be less crowded, and I could get back in the swing of things with less distraction. HA! The eye candy was still swarming like it was prime time, and I nearly got a neck spasm trying to keep from turning my head at everything that walked by. My Concerta was wearing off by then, which made it even harder to stay focused. I got through it though and, while not a stellar workout, wasn’t too shabby.

Afterwards I watched my favorite scenes from Kung Fu Hustle while I ate, then worked on the Exalted campaign for awhile. Tonight I have the first Tai Chi class that Aaron and I signed up for at the Community Center. Friday and Saturday I’m hanging out with Bryan, and Sunday Mom’s over for brunch at Bon Vie.

Right now I’m trying out a new browser, built on Mozilla, called Flock. It’s got some interesting features, like a photostrip at the top that links directly to Flickr or Photobucket, and a “web snippets” bar at the bottom. You can highlight and right-click text, or an image on a web page, and send it directly to LiveJournal or other blogs, or drag those things to the web snippets strip to build up a collection before posting it. You can also drag and drop thumbnails, or larger versions, right off the photostrip and into a blog entry, like so:

without having to go to Flickr first. You can also open photostrips from anyone else on Flickr, set favorite users, and be notified whenever they post new pictures. Pretty clever. It’s a very new browser, and I’m curious to see how it develops.

Oh, btw, this current cold and snowy weather sucks. I’d mentally switched gears to spring already, teased by last week’s warm weather. Now I had to break out the Ellenwear again, but couldn’t find my gloves. Bleah.

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