Jun 052007

For a couple months now I’ve been wanting to get a new leather motorcycle jacket. My old classic biker jacket is great but, thanks to all my time in the gym, it’s getting too tight across the chest and shoulders to be comfortable to wear. I’m still hanging on to it, though, because it has sentimental value (sorry brokenbryan!): it was a sort of coming-out present from my stepsister Beth.

Anyway, I’d only found one or two online that I liked the look of, and was hesitant to buy without actually trying one on. When we were in Chicago weekend before last, Northbound Leather had a booth set up in the mart at the hotel. At first I just kind of blew past them because, while they make good stuff, it’s always horribly expensive. On Sunday though, I decided to at least take a look, since the jackets at Nasty Pig that Bryan had pointed out were nice but I didn’t like the color.

And then I found it:

(actual photo of me wearing it to follow tonight)

They had one large one left, it fit perfectly, it looked hot.

It was $415. *choke*

We agreed that it was WAY too much to spend on a coat, since money was a bit tight til next payday. This didn’t stop me from pouting, sighing, and whining like a child denied. I finished my circuit of the mart, tail between my legs, lower lip sticking out like a bird perch, and went back to the room. A hour or so later we headed back to the mart to track down some friends and I passed by the coat rack again, just for one more sniff and a longing look.

It was gone.

If anyone had thought I was moping before, the sudden disappearance of the jacket inspired me to fresh depths of materialistic emo. I grumbled under my breath at every opportunity about the bastard who’d bought MY jacket for the rest of the weekend.

Flash forward to Friday

After work I decided I’d better find Aaron an anniversary present, even though we hadn’t talked about it, so I had NO idea what he might want. The first anniversary present for gay nerds was lightsabers, but how do you follow that up? Somerset doesn’t have a droid shop. I had cashed in the full change cup I kept on my nightstand, so there was $50 burning a hole in my pocket that wouldn’t show up on our online account statement, assuring that my surprise would remain so. I eventually found a spiffy brushed-steel and teak barbecue set from Williams-Sonoma. Wrapped and ribboned, no less.

I managed to keep my mouth shut about presents until that night, when a couple of martinis at SoHo loosened my lips.
Aaron: “You got me a present? I thought we weren’t doing presents this year; we hadn’t talked about it! I got you a card…” And then HE moped and pouted and looked guilty for the rest of the weekend.

Sunday morning after brunch at Cafe Muse with brokenbryan, mrimp, and odysseyseven, we headed back home so Aaron could open his present. I shooed him downstairs so I could get the box out of the closet. Then he went back upstairs right afterward to “use the bathroom”. A few minutes later he came back down with a big box and a bigger grin.

You can guess what was in it, but at the time I had zero clue. My jaw fell straight to the floor and stayed there for a good two minutes. I was in utter shock and completely speechless. I literally sputtered, “Wha…when…but…you…holy shit! My jacket! I thought we couldn’t afford this?!”

“Well, what’s a little more credit card debt?”

Aaron had told Alex to get me out of the mart for awhile so he could buy it for me, and everyone managed to keep the whole thing a secret for a week. I never noticed it among our stuff and I’m amazed I didn’t smell it during the drive back, because it’s got a STRONG new leather smell. mmmm….

I’m probably the only one in the area who’s happy that it’s 50 degrees outside today, just so I could wear it.

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