Jun 282007

Everyone at work is annoying the hell out of me today for some reason. Just the sound of their voices when they ask me a question makes me want to punch them.

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Jun 282007

While sitting on this bullshit conference call, I decided to compare the results of my first workouts last August and my latest ones within the last two weeks. I was really surprised; I tend to sneer at “only” going up 5-10 lbs with each workout, or only adding a couple reps with the same weight, forgetting how much those few pounds add up over time.

Some highlights:

Exercise First Last
Close Grip Cable Rows 90 190
Decline Bench Press 180 270
Incline Bench Press 140 200
Alternating Dumbbell Curls 30 45
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 35 50
Leg Press 240 410
Hamstring Curls 90 150
Hack Squats 230 390

I was disappointed with the weights on my biceps until I remembered that, for it’s size, the bicep is one of the weaker muscles in the body. It just looks impressive when it’s pumped up. I’m really shocked at how strong my legs have gotten. Still gotta lose the gut…

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