Jul 252007

Spent yesterday afternoon with Mom at Wyandotte Hospital for a test that she had to have (which came back fine, fortunately). They asked her to come in as early as possible instead of the original 4pm, so I hustled down to Brownstown from work. We both wanted to get it over ASAP: her because it was going to be uncomfortable; me because I was tired and in pain. Unfortunately, because of a scheduling screwup, she didn’t end up getting the test until 4pm anyway. At least SHE got two doses of happy juice while we waited; I had to settle for an apple mini-danish, which wasn’t nearly as happy.

After stopping to get her some Chinese food and dropping her off, I (carefully!) drove back through the I-75 construction zone, avoiding a repeat of Sunday’s ticket. I had every intention of going to the gym then playing with the new content in City of Heroes, but I was so tired, hungry, and sore I couldn’t bear the thought. I made it through the arrival of

 ‘s friend Danny, a fantastic chuck roast dinner by

 , and the rest of Fargo before I took a bath and an Ambien and sacked out at 9:30pm. The antibiotics must be working, because I’m not nearly as sore this morning, but I’m still running a 3° chill.

Hopefully I’ll feel well enough this afternoon to hit the gym again; I already feel guilty for skipping yesterday, despite the extenuating circumstances.

Backtracking a bit, we had a really good time at

 ‘s party Saturday night after I left Mom’s. Most of the usual suspects were there, including



, and our favorite gay groupie Chani, who was in charge of bartending. The mango mojitos needed some tweaking at first, but turned out just fine in the end. We also got to play with Andy’s new iPhone (Aaron is now a convert and wants one pretty badly), and I got to fondle his new 17″ MacBook Pro. *sigh* Someday…

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