Jul 262007

Yesterday brokenbryan‘s friend Danny dug out his laptop while in our office. It looked suspiciously thin and brushed-aluminumy.

“Please tell me you don’t have a…”

Danny grins and flashes the Apple logo on his 15″ MacBook Pro. “Not fair!”, howl I. First it was a2andy‘s 17″ MB Pro and 8GB iPhone, now Danny adds insult to the injury. At least he let me play with it for awhile, further inflaming my already scorching case of Mac Envy. The Cipro I’m on is no match for this particular infection.

Despite our intartubes being temporarily down due to a wonky cable modem, I had Danny hook up to our inside LAN. It took literally 3 clicks and 5 seconds before he was viewing the shared folders on my PC. I can’t even add up the time and frustration I spent getting our two PCs and three laptops to deign to speak to each other on an all-Windows network: the frustration, the begging and pleading, even resorting to bribes.

“Please? Just connect to the Music folder? I’ll copy the new Tool album over to you. You like Tool, don’t you? Just one file for Daddy, please?”

“NO! I don’t wanna!”

“Fine! I only loved you for your games anyway! And you were adopted!” *sob*

This concludes today’s venting over my unhealthy obsession.

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