Nov 302007

“I need to take the Cruiser to work tomorrow. I’m driving a bunch of people to the UAW and it would look bad to show up in an Audi.”

“Ok, no problem.”

I think nothing of it and enjoy getting to take the Audi, even though I have to park out in the hinterlands at work because it’s not a Chrysler vehicle. Later he tells me he has to take the car in for two new tires, because the tread looks worn and one has a bulge in the side.

I get home, park, and walk toward the condo when a car suddenly starts up near me. I look around and don’t see anyone in the surrounding cars. “Is that MY car?” I don’t see any exhaust plume, but finally notice that the parking lights are on. Holy shit. He got me a remote starter for my car, something I’ve been wanting for years.

I walked in the house. “New tires huh? Bullshit!”

“Merry Christmas! But I really did get new tires too.”

I love my man. πŸ˜€

Nov 192007

“Here’s how to understand the Creation Museum:

Imagine, if you will, a load of horseshit.”

And it just gets better from there. I nearly snarfed my lunch out my nose. Based on the writing style and the razor-sharp snark, I’d swear die7fox wrote this.

And that’s a high compliment. πŸ™‚

Nov 142007

I still have a post about the weekend in Chicago in the pipeline, but one of the Nathans and I are having a friendly competition to see who can get closer to their fitness goals by Valentine’s Day. To do that, we both had fitness assessments done at our respective gyms yesterday. Below are the results from my first test back in March ’06, compared to the new one.

My trainer is convinced that the body fat measurement from the first test was too low; he called bullshit on the fact that I could gain that much fat, keep the same Lean Body Mass, yet gain 23 lbs. of bicep strength.

The 3 month goal is 215 lbs and 15% body fat. Maybe a bit unrealistic, but something to shoot for.

    03/27/06  11/13/07
Height:  6′ 6′
Weight: 198 lbs. 206 lbs.
Lean Body Mass: 159.8 lbs. 159 lbs.
Fat Mass: 38.2 lbs. 47 lbs.
Body Fat %: 19.3% 22.8%
Body Mass Index: 26.8 27.9
Basal Metabolic Rate: 2269 2255
Max VO2: 41.8 40.7
Bicep Strength Test: 84 lbs. 107 lbs.
Sit and Reach Test: 8.7″ 9.5″
Overall Fitness: 45.8% 54.2%
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Nov 022007

Reader comments on regarding the latest iMac patch:

MacZeus: “Does this update fix the glossy displays back to a matte finish?”

UltraVisitor: “Yes. This update features Apple’s new software pixel rarefaction technique that will physically change the surface of your display from glossy to matte, with just a few blasts of luminous radiation. Really amazing technology.

An interesting side note – if you stand in front of the display during the software pixel rarefaction, it will also wax your balls for you.”

How do I love snark? Let me count the ways…

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