Dec 102007

Pü is... Shpanky Droptrou (Guitar), Lionel Trains (Drums), Sly Pennyapple (Bass)

L to R: Shpanky Droptrou (Guitar), Lionel Trains (Drums), Sly Pennyapple (Bass)

During our trip to Chicago this weekend, we made the fateful decision to put the Rock Band back together, after multiple cranberry vodka martinis. Our quickly-drafted official photographer and first groupie,

, really captured the essence of Pü during our sold-out reunion tour, which spanned three virtual bars in Chicago and one in NYC.

Cuz I'm a Creep...Thank you! Goodnight!

Thank you! Goodnight!

More photos and highlights can be found HERE.

In between sets and rounds we found quality time to spend with the Chicago crew, and renewed our commitment to someday relocate there. It’s just too cool of a city to not live in, traffic notwithstanding.

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