Jan 292008

Friday, Aaron and I met right after work at the Palladium in Birmingham to see Cloverfield. We both liked it a lot, although the handheld camera work took some getting used to, and we had to look away from the screen a few times. This was one of those movies where I wish I hadn’t known anything about it; it would have been even more intense. That was how I first saw The Matrix: I’d read a tiny blurb about it in the Detroit Metro Times, when the movie was still a bit of a sleeper and hadn’t exploded on the scene yet, and thought, “Hm, this might be kind of interesting.” Two hours later my jaw was still hanging open. Cloverfield isn’t that caliber, but I still give it a B+. Definitely should be seen on a big screen though.

After the movie we ended up at Dick O’Dow’s, and took notes on how we’d like to eventually make our basement look similar: like an old Irish pub.

Saturday was total laziness, and we didn’t even leave the house til 3:30pm. I at least went to the gym, but mostly it was WoW all day. Around 7pm we picked up mrimp and odysseyseven and went to Xochimilco for fantastic Mexican. My enchiladas were great but, honestly, I would have been perfectly happy just eating baskets of nacho chips and drinking margaritas. Not healthy, but happy. :oP

We took our full bellies back to the Hotters’ place and had some pomegranate martinis. Jamie and I took turns logging into WoW to collect our auction house sales, while Aaron made a Mii on their Wii that looks frighteningly like him. Mine’s a good match, but his is so dead-on it’s scary.

Sunday we met our friends Kristin and Adam at Toast, where I harmed myself with Piña Colada French Toast: Texas Toast-sized bread stuffed with coconut cream cheese and pineapple rum sauce, with bits of coconut shavings and pineapple on top. We followed them to their new house in Ferndale, about a block from their old house. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, being one of the smallest looking places on the street. Until you get inside.

It’s a ranch of about 1800 sq. feet, and originally a Frank Lloyd Wright design built by a different architect. Very retro-cool, with redwood ceilings, solid wood paneling, heated cement floor, and it sits on a frickin’ acre of yard, right smack in the middle of Ferndale. The original owner bought three lots, knocked everything else down, and built the house about 30 feet from the street, so the entire rest of the yard stretches off into the distance behind it. Seriously, you could herd cattle back there and supply your own BBQ parties, or host Cirque de Soleil and have little Chinese boy-girls flipping around up in the trees. Or both at once.

After stopping at home so Aaron could change and grab the camera, we found a nice brick wall to take some publicity portrat shots of him sitting in his car, for his interview in Car Magazine. Those were just ok, so after aborting our decision to head to Henry Ford Museum, we went up to the Chrysler Museum, which was much closer. I’ve worked right next door to the place for over three years and had never been in there. It was pretty interesting, even for a non-car guy like me. We got some good shots, finished our tour, and did some grocery shopping. The rest of the day consisted of laundry, gym, and finishing Academ’s Fury.

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