Feb 282008

The other day (ok, a few weeks ago) I went back and read some of my very first blog entries, which were done on Blogger at the dawn of weblogs. I had completely forgotten about it until I was transferring all of my old IDs and passwords from my PDA to my Crackberry, and decided to see if it was still there.

While reading them, it was really obvious how much my writing style has changed over the years. My early entries were much more raw than they are now, because I was writing anonymously, if publicly. I certainly can’t say I censor myself now, per se, except where it’s prudent to protect my job, but I do craft most of my entries with an eye toward how it will read for my friends and passers-by. Some truly personal stuff I filter out, but there aren’t many of those entries.

It also made me consider the danger of putting so much of my life’s memories on remote hardware and software whose ownership has changed hands twice already, and is now owned by a Russian company. Not that I have anything against Russia; I’m sure the mobsters and proto-dictators who run the place are very nice people once you get to know them, but if their servers blow up, or get hacked, or are sold to buy rogue nukes for Chechnyan rebels, there goes a lot of myself that I’ve poured into those “pages”.

This makes it really tempting to grab the leather-bound journal Aaron once bought me, and a good pen, and leave my gift to posterity there but, if I did that, my inner attention whore wouldn’t have an audience. Really, isn’t that one of the main reasons we all do this? :oP

Anyone know if LJ has a backup option?

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