Mar 202008

Two weeks ago I hurt a muscle in my lower back, just above my ass and to the left of my spine, while doing squats. Over time it mostly got better, but putting on pants and shoes, and sitting up from a prone position, was good for a gasp and a flinch. I still worked out, but took it easy on any back-related exercises.

This past Monday, while at the doctor to get a scrip refilled, I asked him about my back. He asked a couple questions, took a look, and figured I’d sprained the sacro-illiac. He put me in the aqua massage table for 10 minutes, then did a couple of chiro-jitsu moves that got my lower back to pop in both directions. Amazingly, by the time I got home the residual pain and stiffness was almost completely gone. So what did I do then?

I went to the gym of course. *forehead smack*

Everything went swimmingly until the last exercise, T-Bar Rows (which were done on an inclined padded board, not “freestyle” like the pic below).

On the third rep I accidentally jerked at the bar instead of pulling smoothly, and the muscle strained again. I told roadster_guy my story, who promptly and rightfully lectured me for working out before the injury was actually healed. I took some Motrin, put some Icy Hot on it, and went to bed. It was somewhat better the next day so I came to work, but found that sitting in a chair gradually made it worse. The boss was kind enough to cut me loose to work from home, so I spent the afternoon in bed with the laptop on my chest. I told jockbdboy my story, and HE tore me a new one too, being the unfortunate expert on neck and back injuries. Told me not to use Icy Hot, but put an icepack under me for 10 minutes, several times a day, which worked much better.

I related all this to my trainer, who commiserated, but then laughed and told me I was now thinking like a true weightlifter: ignore injuries as long as you can still move, keep lifting, and walk it off afterward.


(and a dumbass)

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