Apr 292008

It’s 1:40 in the morning. I have to be up at 4 to get ready to take Mom to the hospital for her knee replacement. I only slept for two hours last night, yet I’m not even drowsy now.

There’s a malfunctioning security light on the front of the building. It goes on for 13 seconds and goes out for 7. On for 13, off for 7, on, off, on, off, over and over, amen. The opaque set of curtains in the front window don’t close, so I can’t block it out.

On, off, on, off, on, off…

My mind is churning and won’t quiet down. Somehow in times like this I always end up torturing myself about everything wrong in the world. I found myself thinking about Gitmo, and the innocents who still languish there without trial or hope of freedom in America’s little gulag. Did you know there’s a kid who was sent there with his father when he was only 13? Who’s now 16 or 17, and has spent a good chunk of his most important formative years languishing in a cell, and never even charged with anything? Can you even begin to imagine the daily reality of such a thing?
Try and picture some young person you care about in such a situation. I do, and it makes me shake with rage, at both the injustice and the fact that I can’t fix it. No one can seem to fix it. Those who want to, can’t, and those who can, won’t.

I long for true righteousness, mercy, and justice in the world, but it always seems to be too little, and too slow to arrive for those who need it.

The Bible and other mythologies are full of stories about heroes given divine power and and a commandmant to go and fix the world.
Would that such things could actually happen, because we could use a good dose of world-fixing. I don’t believe in gods anymore, but I sometimes find myself casting my thoughts into the void: “Give me the means, and I will change the world right fucking now.” Of course, there’s no answer, for me or anyone else asking for the same thing. Because there’s nobody listening.

On, off, on, off, on, off…

I alternate between hope and despair for our entire species. Many days I truly believe we all deserve to die, and relieve every other living thing on this planet of the burden of our existence. Other days I truly believe we’re worth saving, and that we will get our shit straightened out before it’s too late.

When I’m feeling really ambitious, I truly believe both of those things at the same time.

On, off, on, off, on, off…

Apr 282008

Sweet baby peaches! That’s it, I’m getting a 24″ iMac. The only thing that kept me from really wanting one, the shitty video card (ATI Radeon 2600 Pro), has been corrected with today’s refresh of the product line. The 24″ model now has the option of adding a GeForce 8800 GS instead of the Radeon, for $150 extra. The rest of it would be fine with the stock options: 2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM, 320 GB hard drive. I’d just add the video card, iWork pre-installed, and the extended warranty.

Now I just need $2200, instead of the $2800 I was looking at for a stripped-down Mac Pro. If I add up everything Aaron’s spent on his new camera, I’m almost halfway there. mwahahaa!

Apr 222008

Uwe Boll, the perpetrator of every godawful video game-to-movie conversion ever made, was told in no uncertain terms that he would NOT be making the World of Warcraft movie.

“I got in contact with Paul Sams of Blizzard, and he said, ‘We will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you,'” related Boll. “Because it’s such a big online game success, maybe a bad movie would destroy that ongoing income, what the company has with it.”

“Especially not to you.” I love it. I wish every game company would tell him the same thing.

Apr 212008

The antibiotics have run their course, the codeine is almost gone, and other than a little bit of lingering cough, I’d say I’m about 90% recovered. I was pretty active on Saturday, helping Aaron assemble the new grill and driving up to Bay City for dinner and drinks with friends, but I paid for it yesterday. Aaron rousted me out of bed at 10:30 to go to dim sum, but I never really woke up, and spent large chunks of the day sprawled on the bed, or sprawled in my office chair, just staring vacantly into the middle distance. The most productive things I managed were changing the sheets, running my laundry, hauling all the trash out, and making level 36 with my hunter. Aaron was good enough to bring me ribs from The Bone Yard after dinner and mead-bottling with our friend and his fiance’, which I scarfed down while staring at The Stand on Sci-Fi. It was godawful and boring, but my fingers were too greasy to touch the remote.

I discovered an interesting side effect of azithromycin: it’s the ultimate deodorant. Even after spending hours sweating from a 102 degree fever I never smelled. I never even had morning breath. I’ll be sorry to see that effect end now that I’m done with the drugs because, even though I was really sick, I felt clean, which helped offset some of the misery.

Now I’m back in the office, but since I spent most of Friday working from home to catch up on the backlog, I don’t have as much to do as I thought.

Apr 162008

EDIT: Clearly, posting using a text message has issues.

Just got back from the doctor and pharmacy.

Diagnosis: Murder Walking Pneumonia

I’ve got a course of antibiotics and more codeine cough syrup.

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes. 🙂

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Apr 162008

Sunday afternoon I came down with a slight cough, which got progressively worse into Monday. I took codeine cough syrup and Tylenol PM at 5:30pm and slept til almost 5am Tuesday. Got through about a half day of work then called it quits and came home. I also had a fever that kept going up, and was at 101 last night when I went to bed.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and seemed to feel ok, until I went in the bathroom and found my temp was now over 102. I was so hot and sick I was actually scared. I wobbled into the office to get my water cup so I could take some Tylenol. I was standing behind my chair with my hands resting on it when I suddenly had a horrible pain in my head. It took me about 5-10 seconds to realize that I was now laying down, and a few more seconds to piece together that I had blacked out and smacked my head on the bookcase when I fell, hence the sudden pain.

(damn, I look like shit)

I layed there for awhile because it was nice and cool on the floor, and when I finally got back up and into the bathroom found my temp had dropped a degree. Now it’s down to 99, but I’m still going to get a doc appt. when they open at 9.

Apr 152008

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Apr 152008

(If this entry seems a bit clipped and stilted, it’s because I’m mildly stoned on codeine cough syrup.)

Friday was mrimp‘s 30th birthday pub crawl, so we gathered at Chez Otter for pre-drinks with Eric, Jamie, Mark (beeftenderloin), and a small horde of women that Eric works with (names to follow).

After a couple of pear vodka & Sprite martinis, we hit the People Mover station and rode to the Renaissance Center. Following a vertigo-inducing glass elevator ride to the top, we piled into Coach Insignia and started downing blueberry mojitos


The plan was to have a few and continue on to Proof, but everyone was hungry, so we stopped at a Coney in Greektown for some tastily unhealthy food, then called it a night.

More pictures HERE.

Saturday afternoon I went to meet my new gaming group that I’m going to be playing Exalted with starting the end of May. They seem like a nice bunch of straight folks, although the “that’s so gay” comments were starting to pile up. I hadn’t told anyone about me yet, so sent the head of the group an email yesterday and we got it straightened out. I’m looking forward to playing; maybe it will help me run the game better. I get to be the Dawn Caste, which is a departure for me. I usually go for either wizard or stealth types, so it’ll be an interesting change to be a flat-out asskicker.

Once we hashed out what we were playing, they started on the game of Orpheus they’re winding up, and I went with Aaron to the Eagle. Met up with a2andy, slippe, and bullmanx, had a few drinks, and got my boots did by Andy’s boyfriend Rich. Finished off the night with chicken rings from White Castle.

Sunday we did dinner at bullmanx‘s with his partner James and slippe, which was a great baked salmon, pasta primavera, cesar salad, and cake. I picked up a slight cough and fever that afternoon, which was getting worse by evening. It wasn’t too bad yesterday at work, but got much worse toward the end of the day. I figured I’d better get over it fast, so took some codeine cough syrup, Tylenol PM, and a nighttime Airborne, then called it a night at 5:30pm. Rolled out of bed at 4:45am this morning, feeling somewhat better. Did my morning system changes for work, played some WoW, and here I am, mildly stoned on codeine, which makes work much easier to deal with.

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