Apr 072008

Be warned: I am pissed off about a variety of things today, most of which are work-related, so I am on a rampage.

Got an email this morning that my cubemate's wife just had their second kid: another boy. This makes me irritated, angry, and bitter.

– Irritated, because humanity's unrestrained breeding has produced yet another mouth to feed using the world's already strained resources. There are over six and a half billion people on a planet that can only support about two billion and still renew itself. According to a study reported by New Scientist magazine late last year, a full 24% of all the world's resources are used up supporting humans. Every other living thing on this planet would be better off if we were all gone.

While I'm not quite ready for this solution to Earth's population problem, this group's agenda certainly has a strong appeal for me lately: Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. I'm more inclined toward a "one child per woman" solution, which would eventually reduce the population to a very comfortable 1.6 billion. Can you imagine how much better the standard of living would be for everyone, human and otherwise, with that population level? Good luck with that ever happening, however. Too many cultures and religions demand an uninterrupted flow of crotch-droppings from their members.

– Angry and bitter, because I'm certain that this kid, and the first one, was circumcised. My cubemate has never struck me as bright enough or perceptive enough to even question the whole thing, so another boy gets unnecessarily mutilated because of an entrenched bullshit tradition that even the American Pediatric Association no longer recommends. No, I don't know for sure that they were (and how do you ask such a thing anyway?), but I assume so because it's still the rule here rather than the exception. There's been a lot in the news in the last couple years about female circumcision in Muslim countries, and how barbaric it is (which I totally agree with), but those same stories never seem to take the logical step of discussing why we still do it to boys in this country.

For quite some time now, whenever I hear of someone having a baby boy, instead of being happy for the parents, I feel sad, and sorry for the kid, and wish they'd had a girl instead so I don't have to be reminded of it. Bless my sister for having the same feelings about it that I do, and sparing my nephew.

Yes, I clearly have issues a lifetime subscription about this subject. Anyone who knows me for any length of time knows my opinion about the whole thing, and I'm sure they're all sick of hearing about it. Too bad. My journal, my rules. I usually manage to keep my feelings shoved into their little box under the basement stairs of my brain, and I try very hard to avoid talking or thinking about it for this very reason. Sometimes, though, it just rears up and demands to be vented.

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  1. I would aways prefer to know where you stand even in objection,than to have you be "polite" and dishonest.I like my friends to have thier own opinions,and to share them willingly.Always right as if you don't care who's reading.
    I think for alot of people,having kids biologically is just the "thing to do" Despite the fact that there are so many children and babies that could just as easily be adopted without adding to an already strained resource that we call Earth.I love my neice and nephew to pieces,but I know I am not a "kid person" fundamentally.I sure don't need the added chaos to a life that has more than it's share.
    We already have population control,and the next round is due very soon.It's called "epidemic" We have reached a dangerously high level of occupancy,and surely there will be a new super disease to take care of all the extra weight.It happens in cycles.

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