Apr 212008

The antibiotics have run their course, the codeine is almost gone, and other than a little bit of lingering cough, I’d say I’m about 90% recovered. I was pretty active on Saturday, helping Aaron assemble the new grill and driving up to Bay City for dinner and drinks with friends, but I paid for it yesterday. Aaron rousted me out of bed at 10:30 to go to dim sum, but I never really woke up, and spent large chunks of the day sprawled on the bed, or sprawled in my office chair, just staring vacantly into the middle distance. The most productive things I managed were changing the sheets, running my laundry, hauling all the trash out, and making level 36 with my hunter. Aaron was good enough to bring me ribs from The Bone Yard after dinner and mead-bottling with our friend and his fiance’, which I scarfed down while staring at The Stand on Sci-Fi. It was godawful and boring, but my fingers were too greasy to touch the remote.

I discovered an interesting side effect of azithromycin: it’s the ultimate deodorant. Even after spending hours sweating from a 102 degree fever I never smelled. I never even had morning breath. I’ll be sorry to see that effect end now that I’m done with the drugs because, even though I was really sick, I felt clean, which helped offset some of the misery.

Now I’m back in the office, but since I spent most of Friday working from home to catch up on the backlog, I don’t have as much to do as I thought.

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