May 042008

Things have been going well with the recovery. Got her settled in late Friday afternoon, then I went grocery shopping. Made some food and got her comfortable, but we were both out by 11ish.

Saturday I was in high gear for over 13 hours. After the visiting nurse and physical therapist came and went, I went shopping for cleaning supplies, then got started. Cleaned the upstairs and downstairs bathroom, vacuumed all the carpeting, Swiffered the kitchen and bathroom floors, put up a new shower curtain liner, took out all the trash, made breakfast and lunch, dealt with wound care several times, washed sheets twice, managed the pill schedule, picked up the Applebee’s To Go that Mom treated us to, and then went running. Bad idea. I really need to see a sports med doc about my heels (tendinitis/tendinosis). Luckily my trainer gave me a referal to a guy in Auburn Hills. I’ll make an appt. tomorrow for after I leave Mom’s.

Today I did more cooking, more wound care, moved the computer down to the living room, and helped Mom get up and down the stairs for the first time so that she could shower and I could show off my spotless bathroom. Since then it’s been laundry all day. The last load (my stuff) just buzzed that it’s done drying.

My boss was kind enough to let me work from here over the VPN all week, so I’ll be back up at 6:30am so I can wake up enough to log in at 7. This is why I’ve been busting my ass this weekend to get everything taken care of that I can so I’ll have less to juggle while trying to work. Luckily Mom’s doing very good with getting around and doing some things for herself, making visible progress every day.

For some reason, she developed huge blisters on her left leg, just below the knee, after surgery. Even the doc was at a loss as to why. I swear, the main one looked exactly like someone had stuck an entire human liver to the outside of her leg. I’ll leave it at that, but suffice it to say that if not for the blisters, this would be a lot less hassle to deal with.

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