Jul 022008

When Aaron came back from Costco last week, he’d bought a gallon of milk in the new jug design: rectangular, with grooved sides and a flat top. They take a little getting used when pouring, because of the wide opening, but otherwise I didn’t give it much thought except to note that it fit in the fridge much better. Mom had one when I was staying there after surgery, so it wasn’t my first exposure to them.

Found this article a few minutes ago about why the jugs were redesigned, and what the benefits to them are, and there are surprisingly quite a few:

– Lowers the price by 10 to 20 cents a gallon.
– Because the new jugs stack on each other, it does away with plastic milk crates completely, which have to be washed and hauled back to the dairy.
– Reduces the number of milk deliveries to the store (Sam’s Club, in this example) from five to two, saving gas and shipping costs.
– Can store 224 gallons in the same space that used to hold 80.

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