Aug 132008

Because I got no sleep Sunday night, I skipped the gym on Monday. To catch up, I’ve done two hard workouts in the last 12 hours: lower body yesterday afternoon around 4:30, and upper body this morning at about 5:30.

Every part of my body feels shaky and I’m having a slight problem walking a straight line. It hardly seems fair that I’m exhibiting signs of drunkenness without getting to enjoy the alcohol.

roadster_guy and I cruised Woodward last night to check out the cars and pre-Dream Cruise activity, which is in full swing. Mercifully we’ll be in Toronto this weekend so we won’t have put up with the actual event.

When we got down to Ferndale we found that Maria’s is still closed for renovation, so we went up the street to Anita’s Kitchen, a Lebanese restaurant facing Woodward with a large outdoor patio. The food was outstanding; a great replacement for La Shish since they shut down. The pita bread wasn’t as good as La Shish’s, but everything else more than made up for it. I hadn’t been that stuffed in weeks.

When we got home I set my phone to syncing, finished up some work stuff, got my clothes packed and ready for the gym, then went to bed before the Olympic coverage kicked back into “All Phelps, All The Time”.

I am sick of hearing about him. Yes, he’s the most accomplished swimmer in Olympic history, so far, and I’m not knocking his ability. But his level of overexposure has surpassed Rachel Ray’s and is approaching Paris Hilton’s. You’d think there were no other American athletes in Beijing at the moment, to listen to the coverage: “Some of these other guys won a medal in some event earlier, but now let’s talk to Michael Phelps’s third grade substitute teacher!”

They should be talking to his dentist.

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