Aug 272008

Had a weird little dream before I woke up this morning. I was walking home to my house from somewhere, in a mostly empty city. My house was a very small 3-room thing: bedroom (which was also where the front door was), kitchen/front room (separated by a counter bar), and bathroom.

There was something involving ghosts or spirits going on in the city, which involved me somehow, and I suspected I was being followed by something. When I went in the main room and chained the bedroom behind me, I heard something slither to the floor and move around. I reopened the bedroom door, slipped my hand under the chain, and flipped on the light, but nothing happened. I quickly pulled the door shut again and bolted it. I turned back into the main room and remember thinking, “Living alone is sad and scary; I don’t know how my poor mom can stand it.”

I woke up and was reassured by the sound of Aaron breathing next to me, although I’d probably been a bit less grateful if he’d been snoring loudly. :oP

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