Oct 032008

Turns out the computer isn’t arriving Monday: the box for the extended support contract is. The copy of VMware Fusion and the external hard drive should arrive as well.

The computer should be here Thursday, which gives me time to clear my desk off, make a list of things that need to be transferred from the old PC, and create an XP install disc that has all the updates and service packs pre-installed.

Oh, and we upgraded our cable internet service from 6mb down/.6 up, to 15mb down/2mb up. We got bumped up to 8mb/1mb immediately after merely rebooting the current cable modem, but they’re mailing us a special high-speed modem to get to the 15mb speed. Astoundingly, this upgrade will cost $11 LESS than what we’re paying now. I swear, the cable companies must determine their rates using the same dart board the airlines use, but in this case I’m not complaining.

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