Oct 222008

Ok, one more political observation before I wade back into shallow waters and make another post about how shiny my iMac is.

In talking with my mom yesterday about my sister’s preference for McCain (because she’s started believing in those chain letters that claim Obama is secretly a Muslim terrorist, and the flag lapel pin he wears isn’t REALLY an American flag if you look close enough; but that’s an entire post of its own), I finally voiced something that’s been at the back of my mind lately:

There’s been this constant running commentary about how Obama lacks foreign policy experience, which is pretty much true. But what I have yet to hear from anyone, either pro- or anti-Obama, is any mention of George W.’s foreign policy experience before HE took office. I’ve read pages of articles, listened to the speeches, the debates, and the talking heads, and I don’t recall hearing a single remark about it.

The joke has been that the totality of Palin’s foreign policy experience is that, “I can see Russia from my house!”

By that line of reasoning, Bush’s experience while governor of Texas could have been summed up as, “I can see Mexico from mine!”

Certainly very little of Bush Sr.’s skill rubbed off on Junior, so that just leaves his experience as a pilot in Vietn…oh wait, never mind.

So, does Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience mean he shouldn’t be President? Well, Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. The two of you appear to have something in common.

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