Nov 132008

I did NOT go stand in line at midnight at the Somerset Gamestop with all the other little murlocs nerdlings to get the WoW expansion.

I do admit I was slightly tempted around midnight. I had been chatting with seeporkchoprun and mrimp, then my sister wanted to use Gmail’s new video chat for awhile, THEN I had work stuff to do. Figured that since it was already midnight, I might make the five minute drive to the mall.

But I knew that, after waiting for Selune knows how long to get my copy, I wouldn’t resist installing it when I got home, then logging on “just for a minute!” to check things out. If I was lucky I’d get to bed by 4 a.m. So, good sense and exhaustion won out. After work and gym will be soon enough to renew my addiction.

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