Jan 072009

My company shut down for the holidays, from 12/23 to 01/05, which on the one hand was great because it gave me a free vacation, but not as great on the other because my contract house only pays for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. I claimed unemployment for the rest, but it only pays about half my normal check.

mrimp and odysseyseven joined us Christmas Eve for dinner and presents, with jamie95 and his boyfriend Todd joining us later in the evening. The otters got me a very cool t-shirt, jockbdboy sent me a book on Cocoa programming for the Mac, and I opened the big box Aaron had for me to discover…

Seems that the new SteelSeries World of Warcraft mouse was still on pre-order, so Aaron bought me a proxy mouse, which I promptly hung on the tree. Since then I've found that there have been many complaints about the quality of the Steelseries mouse, so I had Aaron cancel the order and get me a Logitech G9 instead.

My sister sent us a God of War edition Sony PSP with four games, but so far I've only been playing Daxter.

Mom came over Christmas Day since she had to work the night before. Aaron reprised the great dinner from the night before, and we just spent a quiet enjoyable day at home. Aaron got the soundtracks to the mini-series and all three seasons of Battlestar Galactica, and I got a charging dock for my iPhone, Aussie Bum undies, and the Griffin Clarifi iPhone case with the sliding macro lens, which makes a huge difference when taking close up pics, especially for Evernote's character recognition feature.

After a few days recovering and playing endless amounts of World of Warcraft, we drove to Chicago on the 30th for New Year's. chgolthr was kind enough to put us up in his very sweet high-rise condo for a couple days and we spent the time wandering around Chicago, visiting folks, eating too much good food and, of course, the New Year's party put on by John Krongard, which was a fun time. Unfortunately we had to come home on New Year's day, as I went on call Friday morning. The last few days off were spent cleaning, gaming, learning Objective-C programming, and just basically wringing the last out of the vacation.

Aaron went to both the Detroit and Toronto motorcycle shows, and came home with gloves, a new helmet (just like mine but silver vs. red), and a fresh motivation to lose more weight. He wants a sportbike, not a cruiser, and "cruisers are for fat guys who can't fit on a sportbike. He's been to the gym twice in a row so far (yay!), so it looks promising. 😀

Work has been pretty quiet so far, with a few busy spots, but not much backlog to catch up on, since there was no one here to generate any. I was pleased to discover my badge still worked and the lights were still on so that's a good sign. I've been assured that the new job I'm hoping for is still in the works, but the contract is taking longer to finalize than expected. I still don't quite trust that it's really going to happen, but I'll act as if it will, so we'll see.

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