Mar 262009

Thought I’d answer everyone’s comments from my last post at once instead of repeating myself 8 times. hehe

Thanks to everyone for the words of support and encouragement; it’s really appreciated. I’m doing better today now that the shock has sort of worn off. A couple folks have already gotten leads for me, and I have some more targets for my resume. Though some were no longer available or weren’t a proper fit for me, it shows that there is still work out there for a firewall nerd. I had felt, irrationally, bad about being laid off but everyone’s comments reassure me otherwise, and Aaron pointed out that it was an accomplishment to last as long as I did, considering 35% of the company quit or was let go before I was.

Aaron and I kind of saw this coming so our contingency plan will keep us comfortably afloat for about 6 months unless some catastrophe happens. It will certainly make us look more closely at possible jobs out of Michigan, because this place is dying. There are no traffic jams to speak of anymore; if you go through the smaller towns or cities, many of them are almost gone or are increasingly boarded up. It’s a sad state of affairs.

The boss and coworkers are taking me to lunch Tuesday, my last day. Maybe I’ll get drunk at Buffalo Wild Wings and go home from there. Not driving myself of course.

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