Jun 202009

This is a test of the MacJournal software’s blogging ability. This is only a test. Had this been an actual blog entry, you would have encountered profound insights, sharp witticisms, and wry self-deprecating observations.

Oh, and nerd stuff.

EDIT: There was supposed to be a post above this line, which shows up when I edit it. Guess the MacJournal program doesn’t work right.

Jun 162009

22 miles round trip to see  and Eric, including my first after-dark ride. The red LEDs behind the body panels look VERY cool at night. While I was there we walked up to Pete’s Place, a former coney diner converted to a higher-end cafe. The crabcake sliders with lime-wasabi aioli were teh yum.

More photos of Pete’s Place

Jun 112009

During the drive to work this morning I had Area, the techno/trance station on Sirius, playing. An unremarkable song started playing and I briefly glanced at the title, "Saw You With Me", and kept on driving. Near the end of it I finally took a look at the name of the artist:

"Astro & Glyde"

I nearly swerved out of my lane from laughing.

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