Jul 112009

Thursday night we headed down to Royal Oak for the weekly crotch rocket display up and down Main St. Because Aaron had had little sleep, he wasn’t up to riding the bike down there, leaving it to me this time.

The trip down to Ryan and Jayson’s house was uneventful, and I only stalled once for a split-second at the corner of Catalpa and Mortenson when I realized I was about to pass my turn and someone at the intersection honked their horn.

I tried on Jayson’s spare Dainese leather racing suit, which mostly fit everywhere except my calves are too thick to pull the lower leg zippers over. There are worse reasons for it not to fit I guess. I do however have to get me one of those suits someday soon, cuz it looks HOT.

I followed Jayson down to Royal Oak, parked in front of Gamestop, and wandered up and down Main, ogling the bikes and riders. We met up with Jerry, an acquaintance of Jayson’s and, we discovered later, one of ‘s exes. Small world.

Bike Night 2-2009-07-09 Bike Night 2009-07-09

After an hour or so of this, hunger prevailed, so we saddled up and headed to Red Coat Tavern, which required me to make my first ride up Woodward Ave. It was only slightly nerve-wracking. Dinner was great as always, but I think we’re about done with that place. It always takes forever to get in and the seating is uncomfortable.

After dinner, I took Woodward up to Maple, back to Coolidge, and home. This time I was riding Woodward at night, which made me a little more nervous, but not much. The red LEDs in the body panels look so cool in the dark. :o)

20.9 miles

Royal Oak Bike Night Route

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