Feb 102010

After dinking around with both iWeb and the demo of RapidWeaver, I decided to scrap the site I’d created with iWeb and install a WordPress blog on my site instead. I like RapidWeaver better than iWeb, and I could integrate WordPress into it, but the demo only allows three pages, one visible post on a blog page, and four pictures in a gallery. I’m not gonna shell out $80+ just to experiment with something I may not keep up with, however. Suckage.

The purpose of all this was to pull everything into one place instead of being scattered all over the Internet. I don’t really want all my writing in the hands of others, subject to corporate consolidation, policy changes, feature changes, and so on. Having a hosted website still involves a third-party, but all they do is provide blank space and keep my data backed up; the content and format is completely under my control.

Right now, however, I seem to be spending more time tinkering with the method than consolidating the content. I actually feel kind of guilty for tinkering instead of producing, but it was kind of fun to install the blog software on my server by hand and do some troubleshooting when I managed to screw it up afterwards by altering my site structure.

What’s really holding me back is the daunting prospect of importing all of my posts and pics from LiveJournal, Vox, Posterous, and Flickr, then getting it all sorted out: making sure private posts remain that way, setting up galleries, etc. Just the thought of it tempts me to leave it all the way it is and stick to Facebook but, again, I’d still be subject to the whims of another social network.

It also feels like I’m fighting against the current. Most people have moved away from personal hosted sites and onto social networks. They’re already set up for you, easy to configure (for the most part), gather everyone together in one place, make it easy to connect with others, and provide all kinds of bells and whistles. The work is done for you; all you have to do is create content, while I’m here trying to build a hut on my empty little island.

I have this image of standing in my tree fort like Calvin, shouting across the empty landscape, “This is my island! You can’t come here unless I let you!”

I’m probably reading too much into this. Who really cares what I write or where? I’ll still update Facebook and (occasionally) Twitter.

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