Aug 252012

I went to the funeral service of Matt R.’s dad today, followed by the first session of our fifth Exalted story. Both Matt and Matt’s mom gave eulogies that made me (and everyone else) teary, mostly because I kept imagining having to give Aaron’s or Connor’s, or someone else giving my own. It doesn’t help that think about aging, death, loss, and grief way too much to begin with.

It left me in a weird mood for the rest of the day, and I wasn’t as into the Exalted game as I normally would be, other than some role-playing early on. I gave up on trying for any 3-die stunts; usually the only way to pull those off with Adam is to be over-the-top and comical, and my character isn’t built that way, unlike Jason’s sexpot Lunar or Garret’s monstrously egotistical version of Gilgamesh.

Not only do I not have any ideas for my adventure log writeup (typical), I also don’t have much interest in doing it at all (not typical). Rönas didn’t even really do anything noteworthy, except get Boundless White Eye to sex up a stuffy bureaucrat so he’d cut loose funds for Kepu’s orphange. Ninazu had a more interesting time, but didn’t get to see any combat with the Demon Wolf before Telchines bound it up in the belt.

Meh, maybe I’ll feel better about it next session, in two weeks.

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