Aug 302012

Last night Adam, our Storyteller for Exalted, decided to pull the plug on the campaign, one session into our fifth story arc. His frustration with the patch-job mechanics of the system, the inability to give us suitably scaled challenges because of it, and the difficulty of giving some of the characters proper treatment in the plot, finally overcame his love of running the game.

I can’t blame him, but I’ve been kind of grieving all day. I had a lot of emotional investment in my character, in our entire group, and the ongoing story, and now it’s just over, with no wrap-up or closure. There were still stories left to tell about these characters, and now it’s just left hanging, like someone pressed the Pause button forever.

I don’t often truly look forward to much anymore; I rarely say to myself “I can’t wait to go do x!”

I couldn’t wait to go play Exalted.

If 3rd edition is everything the developers swear it will be (though I have my doubts), and it sparks Adam’s muse, then we’ll probably start from scratch again, but with new characters in a new area of Creation.

In the meantime, I could join them part time for another game, and I may, because it’s the people who make it fun. They’re my friends, and i love playing with them, but right now a different game, or the prospect of a new Exalted game with new characters, is like having a beloved pet die and someone suggests replacing it immediately.

I haven’t felt this awful about Exalted since I read that Carl Bowen novel.

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