Dec 122012

I’d traveled with a group of nameless coworkers to a training class in an old hotel that had been renovated into a small convention and training center. After lunch and drinks in the hotel restaurant we checked in and went to our rooms. On seeing my room I knew I’d been in the exact same one before, though I’d never been to Oregon until now.

While the parts of the hotel I started out in were very new and modern, over time it seemed like everywhere I went it became older, less occupied, and more unkempt. I never saw my coworkers after checking in, and the actual reason for being there was forgotten.

While wandering, I attracted the attention of an older man, with silvering hair, whom I knew was some kind of Soviet KGB agent planning to kill me, though I had no idea why. I didn’t even question why, it was just a given . He started following me, and I ducked into an elevator to escape him. I hopped out at a random floor high up in the hotel, stepping into a small room with a type of square brick chimney running up the center. I moved into the room and discovered a set of stairs in the floor leading down. Some of the steps were missing, and all were rotted. I debated going down them, until the elevator opened again behind me and the man came out, now wielding a fire axe.

We stalked each other around the chimney, and I managed to keep the chimney between us so he couldn’t see me. I also moved in complete silence so he wasn’t sure if I was there or not, despite a brief scare where my shadow was cast ahead of me. I eventually lapped him around the chimney, snuck up from behind, and…? I don’t recall if I pushed him down the stairs or just took the elevator, but I escaped.

I found myself in disused servants’ quarters full of dust, webs, and bizarre-looking spiders, including a tarantula. I killed them all with a pillow. It then occurred to me that I could have done away with the KGB guy at any time, because I was dreaming. I tried to remain in the dream, but I’d already drifted too far out of it, and woke up.

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