Apr 172013

On the way to work I decided to take the back road because of congestion on M-14.
Just east of N. Maple on Stein was a young deer on the north edge of the dirt road. It was lying on its side with its head up, and didn’t get up when I drove close. I stopped to look at it and saw its eyes were closed and ears laid back. There was blood on its flank near the tail, and it occasionally kicked its leg slowly.
I pulled over and found the number for Friends of Wildlife. I listened to the recording to get their deer-specific number and called. The lady who answered sounded sympathetic, but for vague reasons made it clear she couldn’t help; something about it not being a fawn.
Next I tried the Humane Society, but the recording said their offices were closed today for training, and no emergency number was listed.
I passed Brookside Veterinary, then turned around and went back. They were already open, but they didn’t treat wildlife. The receptionist tried the Humane Society as well but had no luck either. She suggested calling 911 and asking if they had an emergency number for the HS.
The operator took my information and said they’d send somebody out. It’s likely they ended up shooting it, but better that than letting it suffer for hours.

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