May 122015

After making some experimental tweaks to my Wyrm and HB decks, I completely fucked up the playing of them at game night. My Adderall had worn off, and both games were against the best player in our group, which always intimidates me and makes me tense. I managed to score 3 points as HB, which was a miracle, but when it came to the Wyrm deck he practically had to play the game for me.

I couldn’t keep track of anything; I’d miscalculate how much money I needed for a play, forget to use cards, fail to tutor for the essential cards (Wyrm, Atman, Magnum Opus) even though I was staring right at the Self-Modifying Code I could have used to get them out of the deck, and so on.

To his credit, Max is extremely patient and helpful, and always seems aware of every card on the table. He let me take back every mistake, most of which he had to point out, and suggested when I should use the cards I had in play. After the second game, though, I gave up and left. I was too pissed off at myself to get it together and focus.

If I go to the Wednesday Netrunner night, I’ll make sure to take my Adderall later in the morning, so it’s still working when I play. Hopefully it will make a difference.

May 062015

For the last couple weeks I’ve been using this HB deck with some success. A week ago, I replaced Neural Katana with Cortex Lock. In my first game using it, I dropped one as the outermost ice on my scoring server. The runner, using Chaos Theory: Wünderkind and with only a single 1 MU program out, installed an Akamatsu Mem Chip, then ran my remote with four cards in hand.

Boom! Game over on the second turn. I laughed so hard

Out of pity, and rather than starting over, we pretended it took him down to zero cards and continued play. I still won. Again.

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