Jul 212015

Last night Get Your Game On sponsored its first seasonal Organized Play event, with a GNK (Game Night Kit) provided by Fun4All. 14 people showed up to play, the most we’ve ever had there. We also had the first female Netrunner player I’ve seen at any game night, which was great; I wish more women played.

The occasion was Rapha’s send-off to L.A. Now that he’s finished his dissertation he’s leaving us, though he says he’ll be back in April for a visit. He was the first person I met and played against when I first started attending the Monday Netrunner night at GYGO, and he was my opponent in the first match-up of the night. Predictably, he whipped my ass in both games but, in my defense, he did take 2nd place in the Michigan Regionals recently, was a Detroit Great Lakes Circuit top qualifier, and won last night’s event overall. I can only dream of being that good.

I was running Stealth Hayley and Butcher Shop, while he was running Tennin Institute and Valencia. He scored a Medical Breakthrough early on, then I got lucky and was able to beat up HQ for awhile with my Corroder vs. his lone Himitsu-Bako, snagging two Nisei Mk IIs in a row. Along the way I also trashed two Caprices, which was very satisfying. Unfortunately for me, he managed to recover, scoring out the last Nisei and using its counter to end my last big run against R&D, before scoring The Future Perfect for the win.

I didn’t do even that well vs. Valencia. About halfway into the game, I drew all three Project Beales within two turns, with nowhere to put them, no Jesus Howard in sight, and only a Pop-up Window in front of HQ. He’d already scored an NAPD Contract, which I couldn’t protect thanks to Blackmail. Three runs on HQ and it was over.

In the second match, Joshua was running Chaos Theory and EtF. Long story short, at one point he’d run HQ, saw one of my Traffic Accidents, and figured he could deal with it. What he didn’t see was the Midseason Replacements and the second Traffic Accident. He ran my scoring remote, grabbed the agenda, and ended the turn with three cards in hand and not enough money to beat the trace. BOOM! He literally never saw it coming.

Running Hayley against his EtF was a struggle. I had trouble putting my rig together, even with two SMCs coming out to help. His ice on R&D was three deep by the time I got an R&D Interface out, and he had Architect as the innermost. Without a second Cloak or Silencer, I had to rely on stealth credits from Ghost Runner to hit R&D more than once per turn and still keep Architect from firing. I ran into two Lab Dogs, then he landed a tag on me which I either forgot or couldn’t afford to clear (I can’t remember which), blowing away Kati Jones, Daily Casts, and my last Ghost Runner in the following turn. I still managed to eke out two Accelerated Beta Tests from him, but our match timer ran out with him in the lead 6-4.

For the third and final match, Chris was using…uhh…something…and Cybernetics Division, which I hadn’t played against before. At the moment I don’t remember who he was using as his runner, but it doesn’t really matter, because in less than 10 minutes I dropped the Midseason Replacements-Traffic Accident-Traffic Accident combo on him, and it was over. My only runner win of the night was against him, and the reduced hand size from Cybernetics Division was never a hindrance. Hayley’s ability kept my hand pretty empty, and nothing he played ever really slowed me down.

I finished 6th of 14, only one place behind Max, who usually ranks up with Raphael, so I was really happy about that. I’ve reached the point where I’m looking forward to playing in tournaments rather than being intimidated away from them.

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