Mar 222016

I took the new Pālanā hotness and a stealth Andy deck to league last night, and scored my very first win against Trevor (using PE) on a lucky HQ run. Trevor rarely makes a mistake, or falls for traps, so it was quite a boost for me, because I had pretty much resigned myself to never winning against him. Which, of course, creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I didn’t do as well with Pālanā vs. Leela. There are so many assets to manage that I kept getting paralyzed by the number of choices. In the deck comments I had said it was a great deck and, while I still think that’s true, it needs some tweaks, just not sure which ones yet. Some suggested changes are swapping Harvester for Inazuma, Psychic Field for Snare!, and a Braintrust for a third Medical Breakthrough, as I never found an opportunity to over-advance Braintrust.

After Trevor left, Max’s friend Josh jumped in. He’s new to the game, and didn’t have cards yet, so we used mine. I definitely earned the “teach a new player” achievement for my league score, because even though he’d discussed the game a lot with Max and his other friend Craig(?), he didn’t know you had to use clicks to install cards. Or advance them. Or nearly anything else.

He learned fast though, and generally improved with each game, but my decks were not great for teaching. Pālanā has too much to manage for a new player, and nothing induces table-flipping rage like getting Account Siphoned over and over again, so I deliberately held back to avoid frustrating him to the point of quitting. I tried to be helpful, as did Max, but I wasn’t watching for teaching moments as closely as I could have been, because I was in more of a mood for some actual competition.

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