Aug 272016

If I howl into the void 

Can I be heard above the wind?

If I scream”no more” and the words fall 

like blood on the screen

Will they be seen?

If seen, read? 

If read, acted on?

I want to be un/heard 

So I send my pain down through

the channel unwatched 

The page unread

The screen unseen 

Hoping for a lifeline

Guaranteeing that none will come

So at the end I can say

I cried for help and none heard

Exactly as planned 

And so it ends:

Potential wasted

Promise unfulfilled

Youth and dreams gone to dust

On every horizon:

slow decrepitude

Loss of the loved 

Inevitable death

Forgotten by time

It will be as if I never existed

So why exist at all 

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