Sep 152015

Last night we ran the Summer 2015 Game Night Kit, which was paid for by the great folks at Get Your Game On. We had 13 players show up from around the area, which is a typical turnout. I fully expected to do terribly, and I wasn’t disappointed. I mean, I was disappointed, but I wasn’t disappointed about being disappointed, I just…where was I going with this?

Anyway, my flimsy excuses for placing 12th are as follows: I was out of town the four days prior, had no time to practice, no one to practice against, decided on and put my decks together the night before, had never run either of those IDs before, and my first round matchup was against one of the two best players in our local meta. I think that covers everything.

Oh wait, there’s the most important excuse: I’m still terrible at this game. Still, I scored a sweet card box and alt art Swordsman.

I was running this Tennin Institute FA/Kill, and a Reina Siphon with a few tweaks because I only have one core set (-1 Account Siphon and Deja Vu, +1 Same Old Thing and Net-Ready Eyes).

Against Tim’s Hayley, I got completely steamrolled. I still can’t remember how it actually went down; it’s mostly just a blur of vanishing agendas and tears. At the end, I had Philotic Entanglement double-advanced, then his run through the Matrix Analyzer in front of HQ added the third token. However, his last run was against the remote itself, I couldn’t keep him out, and it was over.

I held out a little longer against PE, quickly scoring 3 points out of unprotected remotes. He installed a Ronin using Mushin No Shin, which I trashed, then did it again a few turns later. I decided that the second Mushin install was probably a bluff, and chose to ignore it. I chose…poorly. He flatlined me with it the next turn.

The second round, versus Luke’s self-described “janky Silhouette“, was a back and forth slog. On the last turn before the timer ran out, with 6 points scored, I made him An Offer You Can’t Refuse. Either he gave me the winning point, or made a run that would flatline him. Because time was up, he just gave me the point. It also meant our second game was an unplayed draw. I liked playing against him, though; we both like to use self-deprecating humor about our game skill.

The third round, against Bryce, was a complete WTF. He was running what I suspect was, almost card-for-card, the exact same two decks I’d been using in the last few casual nights: Noise-Faust-Peddler, and this Butcher Shop, but with added Biotic Labor.

He went corp for the first game and retaliated against my almost immediate agenda grab with a Midseason, followed by a double Scorch. I was flatlined in about two minutes. As the runner, he ran into an early Snare, then took the bait on a double-advanced Project Junebug. He was flatlined in about two minutes.

Five minutes. Our round was over in five minutes.

We looked at the table, then looked at each other, then looked at the table again.

Me: “…”

Him: “…”

Me: “Uh huh.”

Him: “Well, that was fun.”

We decided to play two casual games while we waited for everyone else to finish. We flatlined each other again.

I have to mention one guy that was there, who I played against a couple weeks ago at a casual night. He borrowed his decks from Tim both then and last night, and I don’t think he’s ever actually read the rulebook. He was sitting next to me during the first round and, I swear to Jackson, he actually asked, “What’s an Event?”

He took fourth place.


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