Sep 082008

mrimp and odysseyseven are coming over for dinner tonight, so I asked Aaron (who is still on the other side of the state) for tips on grilling chicken. He polled the folks around him at the breakfast table, and this was their helpful advice:

1. Make sure the grille is on.
2. Make sure the chicken is dead.
3. Remember that the fire dept. number is 911.
4. Do not wear your Cher wig while you cook.

Aug 272008

Had a weird little dream before I woke up this morning. I was walking home to my house from somewhere, in a mostly empty city. My house was a very small 3-room thing: bedroom (which was also where the front door was), kitchen/front room (separated by a counter bar), and bathroom.

There was something involving ghosts or spirits going on in the city, which involved me somehow, and I suspected I was being followed by something. When I went in the main room and chained the bedroom behind me, I heard something slither to the floor and move around. I reopened the bedroom door, slipped my hand under the chain, and flipped on the light, but nothing happened. I quickly pulled the door shut again and bolted it. I turned back into the main room and remember thinking, “Living alone is sad and scary; I don’t know how my poor mom can stand it.”

I woke up and was reassured by the sound of Aaron breathing next to me, although I’d probably been a bit less grateful if he’d been snoring loudly. :oP

Jul 152008

Aaron’s doing much better today and is on track to come home. The only complaint now is gas pain from all the CO2 they inflated him with to give them more room to work. He’s got a huge burp that refuses to come up. I’m ready to dive for cover when it does.

Jul 152008

First, thanks to everyone who inquired or sent well-wishes that I didn’t respond to individually. iPhoned my battery into an early death this afternoon by having GPS, 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi all turned on at once for hours, and couldn’t respond. Oops.

Aaron was doing pretty well, but the painkiller was making him woozy and nauseous, which we didn’t narrow down until this evening. They took him off the morphine pump and gave him a liquid pain drug, which is taking the edge off, he says. He’s gone for a couple walks in the hallway to get things flushed out of his system, but still can’t piss. They’ve had to cath him once, and will again after his midnight walk, then bedtime. As far as I know, he’s still on track to come home tomorrow, pending doctor’s approval of course.

So he wouldn’t feel alone in his misery, I made him a surgical buddy: Lap Band Bear.

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