Feb 232010

So I’m running some Argent Crusade dailies in Zul’drak today before I meet with the trainer. I had hit exalted reputation with Ebon Blade the night before, so thought maybe I could hit exalted with A.C. before too long and get some new boots. At level 80 I’m still wearing Gorloc Muddy Footwraps.

Some guy named Đeath is out there too, and throws me an invite. I agree, thinking he’s doing the same quest I am, but he never says anything so I drop him. A little while later he messages me, “I need help stalling the monsters.” I finally agree to join him again, and as we get started he says, “Don’t kill them, just entangle them.” Thinking he has some weird quest requirement I agree, noticing that he’s throwing something at the mobs while they’re entangled.

After the second kill (when he orders me to heal him) I get suspicious and ask him, “What do you need them entangled for?”

“I’m leveling my Thrown.”

Welcome to my block list, asshole.

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