Aug 142013

My Great Blackout of 2003 story: I had just gotten a haircut and left the shop. In the instant I crossed the threshold, the power went out, and I saw the nearby stoplight was dark. I turned around and saw the shop’s power had gone too.

Aaron called to tell me power had gone out pretty much everywhere, and I made my way back home to Royal Oak. Luckily, traffic wasn’t too bad yet.

Once the cell towers and municipal water pumps shut down (in sweltering heat, of course), Aaron collected me the next morning, and we spent the weekend at his parents’ beach house near Port Huron, which was just outside the affected area.

The night before we left, I remember standing outside looking at the sky. With no light pollution, a huge number of stars were visible. Except for occasional passing cars, it was almost completely dark and silent. It was actually a really cool experience, for a brief period of time.

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