Oct 312007

Three days after coming back from California, I’m finally recharged and caught up enough to write about it. Lucky you. :oP

The departing flight left at 6am last Monday, so I was out the door at 4am. The flight was uneventful, but my ignorance about renting a car cost me $130 I didn’t have to spend. The clerk at the Payless desk originally handed me an invoice to the tune of $500 and, when I balked at it, asked, “Do you have full coverage of your own?” “Yes.” “Oh, then you don’t need full coverage; you just need CDW (collision damage waiver).” Hence, $130 extra. I didn’t like it, but was too ignorant of rental company voodoo to really question it. Two days after I was at Mollie’s, and still stewing about it, I read the back of the contract and discovered that CDW was not needed. I called Payless and bitched, but because I’d initialed for it I was stuck unless I drove 3 hours back to Vegas and re-rented the car for the remainder of my trip, minus the CDW, then drive another 3 hours back to Ft. Irwin. Um, no. Lesson learned.


Oct 262007

The niece and nephew were put to bed quickly after a long, busy day. The sudden absence of noise is like a physical thing.

A comfortable, happy, sanity-restoring physical thing. I wish I could bottle it.

If I believed in gods, I’d pray in thanks to any number of them that I’m gay and childless. I’m just not cut out to be a parent except in small doses.

Oct 212007

At the pleading of my sister, I’m headed to Fort Irwin, CA tomorrow to stay and help her for a week while she recovers from delivering 12 lbs. of surrogate twins. Her housekeeper is going back home tomorrow and Mom left two days before the birth so, since my bro-in-law is stationed in Texas and can’t come home, I’m going to play the good brother and chase after my niece and nephew. Wish me luck in getting up at 3:30am to get to the airport. Ugh.

This trip I finally got organized to the point of OCD and made a checklist of everything I’m taking with me, and rechecking it when I pack to return. On our last couple journeys I was scrambling for shirts cuz I didn’t pack enough, but had too many pants.

Last night

 and I went to


‘s housewarming party at their Park Shelton condo, and a fine time was had by all. Their place is great and they’ve done a fantastic job with the details of decorating. See

‘s LJ for some pictures, with more by Aaron to follow.

I think I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m totally stuck for a novel idea. Blank Page Syndrome rears its empty head yet again.

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