Mar 312008

Using a laptop without a mouse (having forgotten to put it back in my pack this morning), sucks beyond belief. I LOATHE using a trackpad or keyboard joystick; so frackin slow…

Had a fun visit from

  this weekend. He arrived by train on Thursday afternoon, and I dropped him back off there yesterday around 6pm. We went out to eat a few times, including sushi at Little Tree in Royal Oak, and dim sum yesterday morning at…um…that Chinese place on Long Lake at Rochester Rd. Probably the best dim sum selection we’ve had anywhere so far, even though I can’t remember the name of it at the moment.

Saturday he and Aaron whipped up a great tapas spread, including prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, mini crepes stuffed with goat cheese and covered with a berry sauce, seasoned shrimp cocktail, and a couple other tasty things I can’t remember (seems to be a theme this morning).


 , and

  (with husband Eric) showed up to help us devour all this, with

  arriving later for drinks and Super Smash Bros. on the Wii. Earlier we’d played American Idol Karaoke, but even five martinis weren’t enough to get me on the mic. Speaking of martinis, Hpnotiq and ruby red grapefruit juice makes a fantastic mix.

Other than lots of eating, the weekend was low-key and involved renting Ratatouille through video-on-demand, and lots of sleeping-in. The trip back across the border was an exercise in frustration as Bryan didn’t bring his student visa, having never been told that it was required to cross the border in addition to his passport. He’d always brought it before, just in case, but not this time, and the guard gave him a ration of shit and ordered us over to the Immigration office so they could interrogate and lecture him for a few more minutes before letting us go. I got him to the station about five minutes before the train left. The only things that helped alleviate my steadily mounting rage were the HOT immigration officers; two tall post-twinks, one blond, one dark, who came over to the car, and another hot blond with a goatee inside the office.

Luckily (for him), I didn’t have to endure officer Chang at the US checkpoint on the way back. I don’t know what work program for the retarded they hired him from, but he needs to be returned to it. I’ve had the misfortune of being at his booth three times when bringing Alex for a visit, and each time has been an exercise in the surreal. He asks the most off-the-wall, irrelevant questions, and follows each one with a lengthy session of very slow keyboard presses and peering intently at his monitor from about two inches away.

“Citizenship?”  “US.” “Canadian.”

“How long are you staying?”  “Just the weekend.”

hunt, peck, peer

“Have you ever been arrested?”  “Um, no.”

hunt, peck, hunt, peck, peer

To Alex: “Do you have a sister?”  “Um, no, I have a brother.”

hunt, peck, peck, peer, hunt, peer, peck peck peck

“Has your brother ever been in jail?”  “What…? NO.

LOTS of hunting, pecking, and peering with this one

And so on. FINALLY he gets whatever it is he’s looking for and sends us on our way, but I swear I don’t understand how hiring standards at the DHS can possibly be as low as they are, even for a government agency consisting largely of hired thugs.

Mar 262008

Be sure to see the slideshow as well, if you have kleenex handy. If there were ever a public turnout like this for American dead, I don’t remember seeing it or hearing about it, and I wish I had.

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