May 222008

Yesterday I had my appointment for a fitness and body age eval at the gym, to resolve my little bet with Nathan. In the last seven months, while I did manage to shed 4 years off my body age, 10 lbs., and 5.7% body fat, all of my performance numbers stayed the same or declined slightly. So either I need a better (or just different) workout program, or I was doing it wrong.

It would help to have an actual trainer that I interact with on a regular basis, I suppose. My buddy the trainer and physical therapist, while definitely knowing his business, is in the midst of wedding planning, house hunting, and is too far away to meet up in person very often. Maybe I’ll take a shot at the Body for Life program; not to participate in the actual contest, but just as a different structured program from the one I’ve been doing. I still have an older edition of the book kicking around somewhere.

Body Age
11/13/07: 38
05/21/08: 34

Height: 6′

11/13/07: 206
05/21/08: 196

Body Mass Index
11/13/07: 27.9
05/21/08: 26.6

Max VO2
11/13/07: 40.7
05/21/08: 39.4

Bicep Strength
11/13/07: 107
05/21/08: 106

Sit & Reach
11/13/07: 9.5″
05/21/08: 9.0″

Body Composition
11/13/07: 22.8% body fat
05/21/08: 17.1% body fat

Overall Fitness
11/13/07: 60%
05/21/08: 64%

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